Mad God by Phil Tippett

Mad God by Phil Tippett


An experimental animated film inspired by Jerome Bosch, Mad God took almost thirty years to complete for its creator Phil Tippett, responsible for the revolutionary visual effects of RobocopJurassic ParkStarship Troopers and the original Star Wars trilogy.
Having followed and documented the creation of Mad God for almost ten years, the Frenetic Arts team produced a detailed making of in 2023 for the Collector’s Edition published by Carlotta Films.

Writing, Directing and Editing: Gilles Penso & Alexandre Poncet

Starring: Phil Tippett, Dan Wool, David Lauer, Chuck Duke et Tom Gibbons

Music: Dan Wool


The documentary Phil Tippett : Mad Dreams and Monsters
The book Mad Dreams and Monsters : The Art of Phil Tippett and Tippett Studio

Ray Harryhausen’s Wonderful Tales

Ray Harryhausen’s Wonderful Tales


« If Harryhausen was told to me »

In this interview directed by Alexandre Poncet, filmaker Gilles Penso retraces the first steps of the future master of animation  throught the evolution of his style and his technique.

Director : Alexandre Poncet
With : Gilles Penso

About the film :
Les contes intemporels de notre enfance revisités par Ray Harryhausen, le maître des effets spéciaux : Le Petit Chaperon rouge, Hansel et Gretel, Raiponce, Le Roi Midas et Le Lièvre et la tortue.
C’est au sortir de la Seconde Guerre mondiale que Ray Harryhausen pose les fondements esthétiques de ses œuvres à venir qui inspireront, entre autres, l’univers de Star Wars. Optant pour une narration en voix off, le créateur des effets spéciaux légendaires de Jason et les Argonautes réalise ces cinq « contes merveilleux » à l’aide de marionnettes articulées selon les principes de la stop-motion, dont l’Américain va devenir le maître absolu.


« Enfin, outre la bande-annonce 2018, Carlotta Films donne la parole à Gilles Penso,
réalisateur de trois films devenus des références dans le domaine de l’animation et des effets spéciaux
au cinéma, Ray Harryhausen, le titan des effets spéciaux (2011), Le Complexe de Frankenstein (2015)
et Phil Tippett : Des Rêves et des Monstres (2019), les deux derniers ayant été coréalisés avec Alexandre Poncet
et longuement chroniqué […] dans nos colonnes. Durant près de 20 minutes, l’expert, passionné et passionnant
Gilles Penso propose un retour complet sur les débuts de Ray Harryhausen au cinéma, tout en replaçant les films présentés dans ce programme dans leur contexte, ainsi que dans la carrière du maître de l’animation.
Blindé d’informations et magnifiquement illustré, ce module complète et clôt magistralement cette interactivité.»


Ray Harryhausen, Special Effects Titan

The Burbs by Joe Dante

The Burbs by Joe Dante

2016 – 22 minutes

The Burbs according to Joe Dante

In an exclusive 22-minute (HD) interview, Joe Dante reminisces about his memories on set, and talks about his relationships with his actors, his formal decisions (especially regarding the opening shot) and the different versions of the film.

Ultra Collector’s box set with a print run of 3000 copies (contains a 200-page book).

Director: Alexandre Poncet et Gilles Penso
With: Joe Dante

About Carlotta:
In December 2015, Carlotta Films launched a prestigious and high-end collection entitled “Ultra Collector’s Box Sets”, which allows lovers of the 7th Art to rediscover cult films and their enriched archives in a restored and unreleased version.

Prince of Darkness : the Dédo show

Prince of Darkness : the Dédo show


Alexandre Poncet has created several modules for the collector’s edition of Prince of Darkness, published by Free Dolphin Entertainment.

In the first bonus, Dédo looks back on the creation of his show and explains the development of his second, Killing Joke.

In another supplement, Dédo and Navo, co-author of the Bref series and director of Kyan Khojandi’s shows, discuss the stand-up scene in France and its evolution since the 2000s.

The third bonus finally allows Dédo to look back at the genesis of the web-series Vu par Dédo un con, several episodes of which are included on the disc.

About the show:
After having set the stage of the Jamel Comedy Club on fire, find Dédo in his first show on DVD on June 2, 2015 Dédo comes to devastate… The Gymnasium theatre, with its show Prince of Darkness! Want to see a man breathing fire and juggling chainsaws?!? Well, let’s go to the circus then… But if you want to see stand-up comedy that talks about the melting of the ice, the problem of orbital stations once the speed of light has passed, and the true color of tomatoes before the Middle Ages… It doesn’t exist. On the other hand, if you want to see a guy with long hair, a metal fan, talk to you about the 93 (a french area around Paris), cinema, old age, his vision of the couple or the true color of tomatoes before the Middle Ages, then go for it, because he will do it!! Except for the true color of tomatoes before the Middle Ages.

More Dédo !

Discover the web-series Vu par Dédo un Con.