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Climax by Gaspar Noé

2019 – Several bonuses of differents durations

Blu-Ray published by Wild Side Video (French)

The Frenetic Arts team captured a conversation between Gaspar Noé, director of Irreversible, Enter The Void and Climax, and Jan Kounen, director of Dobermann, 99 francs and Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky. For 40 minutes, the two authors talk about their favorite filmmakers and discuss their directing style. Commissioned by Wild Side Video to be included in the Climax Collector’s Edition, this supplement visually pays homage to Gaspar Noé’s feature debut, Alone Against All. A second supplement highlights the exceptional work of Tom Kan, designer responsible for the credits of Climax and Enter The Void.

Director : Alexandre Poncet
Starring : Gaspar Noe, Jan Kounen, Tom Kan.
Duration : 40 minutes / 15 minutes

DVD + Blu-Ray published by Arrow Video (English)

For the English edition of Climax, again in close collaboration with Gaspar Noé, the Frenetic Arts team collected the testimonies of actors Souheila Yacoub, Kiddy Smile and Romain Guillermic.

In partnership with Wild Side, Arrow Video will once again call on Frenetic Arts in 2022 to produce an expanded version of The Art of Tom Kan, on the occasion of the UK Blu-ray release of Enter The Void.

Director : Alexandre Poncet
Starring : Souheila Yacoub, Romain Guillermic, Kiddy Smile.
Duration : 30 minutes


Un extrait du bonus Tom Kan : The Art of the Titles réalisé par Frenetic Arts pour le Blu-ray de Enter The Void sorti chez Arrow en 2022.