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Heroes collection : the mooks

2019 – 2023

In 2019, the Frenetic Arts team was contacted by the company Ynnis to ensure the editor-in-chief of a mook specialized in comic-books: Heroes collection is born. Dedicated to heroic figures from comic strips, the collection also looks back at the evolution of the genre in cinema.

While everyone watches superhero movies, it’s not always easy to find your way through the sprawling worlds woven by American publishers since the 1960s. The Heroes mooks, to the rhythm of theatrical releases, aims to resituate superheroes in their context, to expose their origins and to identify the main key stages and issues related to their universes.

Editor-in-chief: François Rey
Contributors: Alexandre Poncet, Fred Wulsch, Henri Delecroix, Nathanaël Bouton-Drouard

Available only in French

Hero #01:
The Mook Who Sometimes Has Thor

Hero #02:
X-Men: Changing Saga!

Hero #03:
Joker: The mook, Why so serious?

Hero #04:
Spider-Man: All the Weaver’s Lives!

Hero #05:
Watchmen and the Anti-Heroes

Hero #06 (Double Cover):
Wonder Women, Black Widow, The Awakening of the Superheroines

Hero #08:
Comics & Series: The New Boom!

Hero #09:
The Genesis of the Marvel Universe