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Last Door to the South by Sacha Feiner

2015 – 14 minutes

Last Door to the South marks the second collaboration between director Sacha Feiner and composer Alexandre Poncet, three years after A Better World.

Adapted from a short story by Philippe Foerster published in 1982, this black-and-white film features a two-headed child locked by his parents in an endless building. The process of composing the soundtrack began before filming and continued throughout the production, in order to correspond as closely as possible to Feiner’s vision.The score has four leitmotifs: one for the “world”, one for the young protagonist, one for his castrating mother and one for his missing father,  which leaves behind many enigmas.

Awarded at the prestigious Brussels and Clermont-Ferrand festivals, Last Door to the South won the Magritte for Best Animated Short Film in 2016.

About the film:

The world is made up of floors connected by stairs. The floors are made up of rooms connected by corridors. And all the floors, that’s the world. This is the theory elaborated by Toto, the friend and second Siamese head of a child whose mother never let him out of the huge family mansion. Between exploring endless corridors, private schooling and visits to their father’s mausoleum, the brothers never questioned the limits of this world. Until one day, obsessed by a strange light they see by accident, they vow to find the end of it.

Director, Screenwriter, Director of Photography, Editing, Visual Effects: Sacha Feiner
Assistant Director: Chloé Morier

Assistant Cameraman: Letizia Giorgi
Costumes: Jackye Fauconnier
Foreign Producer: Alon Knoll
Sound Engineer: Antoine De Schuyter
Executive: Arnaud Hock
Original Music: Alexandre Poncet

Author of the original work: Philippe Foerster


Award for Best Animation – International Competition Festival – Clermont Ferrand 2016

First Prize for Best Animation – Rhode Island International Film Festival (United States, 2016)

Grand Prize of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation + RTBF Prize at the Anima Festival (Belgium, 2015)

Best Animated Short Film Magritte 2016

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Voir le court métrage

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