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Exhibition: The Art of Marvel Superheroes

March – August 2014

Art Ludique - Le Musée (Paris)

In 2014, “Art Ludique – Le Musée” hosted an exceptional exhibition dedicated to the universe of Marvel heroes.

To accompany a short documentary screened as part of the exhibition, Alexandre Poncet created a musical suite adapted from the soundtrack of the Disney Channel documentary Behind the Mask of Superheroes, composed the previous year.

About the exhibition

“Art Ludique – Le Musée” offered the world’s first major exhibition dedicated to the Art of Marvel Super Heroes. The Avengers, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, the X-Men, The Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, The Silver Surfer… Their names ring like icons. Their costumes and emblems are universally recognized, their place in our imagination and in the culture of our time is inescapable. This exceptional exhibition presented a panorama of the Marvel universe, from the historical plates of the original comics to the concept drawings and illustrations made for the latest film productions.

In addition to the exhibition

The documentary Behind the Mask of Superheroes, made for the exhibition and broadcast on Disney Channel France.

2013 – 52 minutes

Directed by: Gilles Penso
Written by: Jean-Jacques Launier and Gilles Penso
Produced: Isabelle Roche and Jean-Philippe Serrano
Original music: Alexandre Poncet.
Starring: Stan Lee, Joann Sfar, Adi Granov, Zep, Ryan Meinerding, Olivier Coipel, Franck Ferrand, Ollivier Pouriol, Alex Nicolavitch.