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Frenetic Arts in the media

Gilles Penso, Alexandre Poncet and Dédo are regular contributors to the media. 
Media make no mistake about it, and regularly invite our associates to explain the subjects that are close to their hearts.

Here are a few exemples:

On the radio

And also : RTL « Pop cinoche » with Vincent Perrot and many others !

For television

  • FRANCE 2 :
    Indiana Jones (2020)
    « 20h30 le samedi » program presented by Laurent Delahousse. Gilles Penso is invited to talk about the character : his origins, his costume, his flawse… while Alexandre Poncet has been consulted on the show’s content.
    E.T. (2022)
    « 20h30 le samedi » program presented by Laurent Delahousse. Alexandre Poncet was a consultant for the show’s content.
  • FRANCE 5 :
    Les Gremlins – DVD release (April 2015)
    Alexandre Poncet is invited in the “Entrée Libre” program to talk about Gremlins for the DVD release.

And also : des appearences in Quotidien, RTS, etc.

On the Web

    The pieces of the puzzle (13 february 2023 – #60)
    As a kid, Alexandre Poncet was amazed by fantastic films. For the Vigil, he came to tell the story of how he came to be on the other side of the screen…
  • FEFFS 2019 :
    Mad Dreams and Monsters (September 2019)
    Gilles Penso and Alexandre Poncet are invited at the Strasbourg European Fantastic Film Festival for the release of their last documentary.

And also : Many written interviews to be found on various sites and channels (Fais pas genre, Lucas filles, etc.)!