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Phantom of the Paradise : Collector’s box booklet


“Songs for the Devil”

Carlotta called on Alexandre Poncet to write a detailed analysis of the soundtrack of Brian de Palma’s Phantom of the Paradise, written by Paul Williams.

Ultra collector’s box set with a print run of 3000 copies. Contains a 200-page book.

Synopsis of the film:

Swan is a producer who has just finished “Paradise”, a huge auditorium in the image of his excess. When he hears the compositions of a young artist, unknown to the general public, he decides to have him locked up by the police and steal his scores… The young artist then returns to haunt the Paradise…

About Carlotta:

In December 2015, Carlotta Films launched a prestigious and high-end collection entitled “Ultra Collector Boxes”, which allows lovers of the 7th Art to rediscover cult films and their enriched archives in a restored and unreleased version.


“It is then the musical aspect that is addressed with Alexandre Poncet in a subtle analysis of the songs of Paul Williams, an ‘intuitive composer’ with a ‘frankly paradoxical physique’ who ‘built his existence on a rereading of Faust’.” (