Rufus Bellefleur : Music clip “Love me like you hate me”

Rufus Bellefleur : Music clip “Love me like you hate me”

2015 – 6’53

Conceived as a short film, this video clip produced for the song “Love Me Like You Hate Me” by Rufus Bellefleur pays tribute to many cult films and artists: Karate Kid, Rocky, Bloodsport, Bruce Lee, Charlie Chaplin or Josephine Baker and Gotlib.

Song: Rufus Bellefleur
Composition: Youssef Dassouli
Additional music: Alexandre Poncet

Directed by: Alexandre Poncet
Written by: Julien Cassarino & Laurent Bechad

Julien Cassarino, Youssef Dassouli, Laurent Bechad, Berangère Sentex, Caroline Petriz

Nina Goern (Cats on Trees), Mouss (Zebda), Miss Z & X.av (Punish Yourself), Andreas & Nicolas, Nini Lapointure and Dédo as the diabolical Sensei.

Director of Photography: Angel Fonseca
Special Effects Makeup: Mika Glokdoll

” A clip straight out of the crazy universe
of the returning
Rufus Bellefleur.
And on this one, he was supported by
Alexandre Poncet to make this long illustration of Love me like you hate me.
Yes, long, but tasty! 7 minutes full of
satirical references to The Karate Kid, Chaplin and The Holy Grail.”


Directed by Mad Movies journalist Alexandre Poncet (also the co-author of Creatures Designers – The Frankenstein Complex, a documentary on special effects in cinema), the video features Rufus, of course, but also many prestigious guests, including Mouss from Zebda, Nina Goern from Cats on Trees, Miss-Z and Xav from Punish Yourself,  Andreas and Nicolas, and of course the inevitable Dedo. Welcome to the Fellini universe of Rufus Bellefleur, or almost… ”
The Making-of !