A Better World by Sacha Feiner

A Better World by Sacha Feiner

2013 – 24 minutes

Directed in 2012 by Sacha Feiner, a Belgian talent who rose to fame with the short film Gremlins Fan Films, A Better World follows the misfortunes of an intelligence agent after the fall of a totalitarian regime.

Alexandre Poncet’s music was initially intended to expose the rigidity of this dystopian universe before shattering it. A piano waltz in the middle of the projection illustrates the loneliness of the central character, and his final exile is accompanied by an orchestral suite that moves from anguish to transcendence.

Alexandre Poncet and Sacha Feiner will reunite on Last Door to the South, an animated short film that won a Magritte in 2016.

About the film:

Henry, a zealous citizen of a ruthless dictatorial state, has always given himself body and soul to his work at the Ministry of Denunciations. But suddenly, the regime collapses, seeing overnight the transformation of this cold, technocratic, paranoid world into an idyllic, caricatured expanse of green, singing, free fields.

Director: Sacha Feiner

Starring: Vincent Kohler, Damien Marchal, Jean-Marie Barbier…

Genre: Fantasy, Science fiction
Country: Belgium / Switzerland

Executive producer(s): Panache Productions, La Cie Cinématographique
Producer(s): Rita Prod

With the support of: RTBF, TSR



Audience Award
Sff Rated Athens Film Festival

Best Short Film
European Philip K Dick Film Festival

Best Short Film
Hollyshort Film Festival


Alexandre Poncet soundtrack for Last Door to the South by Sacha Feiner.