Walking With Animators

Walking With Animators

2025 – 1h45

Started in 2018, shot in several countries and supported by many major studios, this documentary offers an unprecedented immersion in the world of animators. Focusing as much on drawing as on stop-motion, on paper cut-outs as on computer-generated images, the film captures the magic of an art of shadows, more than ever threatened by the democratization of artificial intelligence tools. The cast includes several icons of the 7th Art: Joe Dante (Gremlins), John Landis (The Blues Brothers), Phil Tippett (Mad God), Floyd Norman (Sleeping Beauty from Disney Studios), Doug Chiang (The Legend of Beowulf), David Silverman (Monsters, Inc.), Paul Wee (The Simpsons), Peter Ramsey (Spider-Man New Generation) and Jay Oliva (The Dark Knight Returns).

Written and Directed by: Gilles Penso & Alexandre Poncet

Joe Dante, Floyd Norman, Joe Johnston, Jay Oliva, David Silverman, Paul Wee,
Michael Polcino, The Chiodo Brothers…

Music: Alexandre Poncet

Editing: Gilles Penso

Visual & Credits Effects: Tippett Studio, Mystery Meat Media LLC

Mixing: Vega Prod