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Seen by [Dédo] a fool

2008 – 2020


Comedy web series

Created in 2008, this web-series hilariously deciphers some pop-culture monuments such as Avatar, Spider-Man, Harry Potter or the mangas One Piece and One Punch Man. Dédo stays true to the corrosive humor of his stand-up shows, while following in the footsteps of Gotlib or Monty Python! Some episodes have become cult classics, including the one dedicated to Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, which peaked at nearly 440,000 views on YouTube.

Written and with: Dédo

Directed by: Alexandre Poncet
Co-directed for some episodes: Johann Garcia

Co-production with Tsume for some episodes

The lines that no one could forget!

“What’s it about? We don’t really know…”

“We’ve got style, we’ve got style, we’ve got style… »

“Do stuff, say stuff, you’ve been stealing my life for 10 minutes!”

“If the key to your plot is a piece of furniture, make a porn instead. At least you can see the money on the screen!”

“And that’s still good.”

The music of Vu par [Dédo] un Con
by Rufus Bellefleur

List of episodes  :

And also: Jupiter Ascending, Friday the 13th, Transformers 3 x Bref, Avatar, Ruins, Dirty Dancing, Drag Me to Hell and Martyrs.