Phantom of the Paradise : Collector’s box booklet

Phantom of the Paradise : Collector’s box booklet


“Songs for the Devil”

Carlotta called on Alexandre Poncet to write a detailed analysis of the soundtrack of Brian de Palma’s Phantom of the Paradise, written by Paul Williams.

Ultra collector’s box set with a print run of 3000 copies. Contains a 200-page book.

Synopsis of the film:

Swan is a producer who has just finished “Paradise”, a huge auditorium in the image of his excess. When he hears the compositions of a young artist, unknown to the general public, he decides to have him locked up by the police and steal his scores… The young artist then returns to haunt the Paradise…

About Carlotta:

In December 2015, Carlotta Films launched a prestigious and high-end collection entitled “Ultra Collector Boxes”, which allows lovers of the 7th Art to rediscover cult films and their enriched archives in a restored and unreleased version.


“It is then the musical aspect that is addressed with Alexandre Poncet in a subtle analysis of the songs of Paul Williams, an ‘intuitive composer’ with a ‘frankly paradoxical physique’ who ‘built his existence on a rereading of Faust’.” (


Exhibition : “Interstellar – Cinema and Special Effects”

Exhibition : “Interstellar – Cinema and Special Effects”

January – April 2022

Centre des Arts (Enghien-les-Bains

The « Interstellar – Cinema and Special Effects » is the result of a collaboration between Enghien Centre des arts and the Lyon Musée Cinéma & Miniature.

About the exhibition:

This exhibition event allowed visitors to discover extremely rare pieces from classics such as Mars Attacks!, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Aliens or the cult series V. Associated with the Paris Images Digital Summit (PIDS), she also took a look at the career of visual effects supervisor Rob Legato (guest of the 2022 edition), famous for Apollo 13, Titanic and Harry Potter.

About the Centre des Arts :

As a centre for creation, dissemination and artistic residencies, the Centre des arts is recognised as a stage of national interest “Art and Creation” by the Ministry of Culture. The creation of the Centre des arts in 2002 coincided with the emergence of digital technologies in the artistic sphere, but also the emergence of new practices and a gradual decompartmentalization between disciplinary fields. The ambition of the Arts Centre is not to exclude any form or language. Writing, whether scenic, visual, choreographic or museographic, is at the heart of the project. A transdisciplinary place, it offers a varied artistic programme including exhibitions of visual arts, dance, theatre, music, cinema… to which are associated a programme of artistic workshops for young audiences, guided tours.

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Heroes collection : the mooks

Heroes collection : the mooks

2019 – 2023

In 2019, the Frenetic Arts team was contacted by the company Ynnis to ensure the editor-in-chief of a mook specialized in comic-books: Heroes collection is born. Dedicated to heroic figures from comic strips, the collection also looks back at the evolution of the genre in cinema.

While everyone watches superhero movies, it’s not always easy to find your way through the sprawling worlds woven by American publishers since the 1960s. The Heroes mooks, to the rhythm of theatrical releases, aims to resituate superheroes in their context, to expose their origins and to identify the main key stages and issues related to their universes.

Editor-in-chief: François Rey
Contributors: Alexandre Poncet, Fred Wulsch, Henri Delecroix, Nathanaël Bouton-Drouard

Available only in French

Hero #01:
The Mook Who Sometimes Has Thor

Hero #02:
X-Men: Changing Saga!

Hero #03:
Joker: The mook, Why so serious?

Hero #04:
Spider-Man: All the Weaver’s Lives!

Hero #05:
Watchmen and the Anti-Heroes

Hero #06 (Double Cover):
Wonder Women, Black Widow, The Awakening of the Superheroines

Hero #08:
Comics & Series: The New Boom!

Hero #09:
The Genesis of the Marvel Universe